About ADB
ADB offers 3D printing services for those who have created virtual models and are interested in turning these files into real 3D models but lack the equipment. In addition, custom 3D printed objects can be designed and produced with the desired measurements being provided, ADB offers to create functional parts out of these measurements and create a prototype, while taking care of aesthetics as well. Custom creations can also be created for printing in your own home, a part can be created to the specified measurements and one can be sent the STL file for printing from your own device. Laser Engraving services are also offered, bringing the capability of laser engraving anything you wish  onto the items of your choice. 

ADB Engineering

3D Printing Service, Custom part development and Laser Engraving.

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Benefits of a 3D printed prototype.

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Unique Parts

Benefits of customized unique parts.

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Laser Engraving brings the possibilities of putting an image or message of choice on your desired items. Laser Engraving can be done on materials such as wood, plastics and leather, since the laser engraves in grayscale, the picture or message will be converted into a grayscale format. The depth and power of the laser engraving can be adjusted to your liking.
Laser Engraving
ADB Tires
ADB Tires are aftermarket tires for various Lesney Matchbox Series models. Over 20 Models can be found ranging from small tires to tracks. These tires and tracks were based off originals, and were designed and 3D printed in flexible TPU.
These Tires can be found through the link that will redirect to Ebay.com
ADB Tires
  • Massachusetts, USA

To order any customized part or package contact us with a preferred Email or Phone number to contact you on the specifics. Shipped items are through USPS First Class or Local Pick-up and Delivery.